Saturday, May 26, 2012

Clean Windows Can Reflect A Dream

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Have You ever seen a Reflection in a Window that You Really Liked ?

When me and my wife , were recently  on vacation  in
Koh Tao Thailand , the sun was setting and I noticed
the reflection of the Sunset in the Windows  . Quickly
I grabbed the camera !

Seeing the reflection  in the Window made me realize
how much we enjoyed the view over Janson Bay .
We still Love looking at this photo because it helps us
remember that Awesome View !

I wish We  had an Oceanfront Home , that  had Clean Windows
with a View that made us Smile , Like we did in Koh Tao .

We are currently developing a Window Cleaning Service .
I used to Clean Windows in the 80's & 90's , mostly
In South Orange County before I was married.

I got the Wanderlust Bug and went out to Sea for a living .
I always enjoyed cleaning windows before , So I decided
this would be the Perfect business  , So  I can help people
and stay at home with my Family . But hey You can always
go on a trip every now and then !

Please Feel Free to Comment , What you Think is Important
to us !

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What you think is Important to us !

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What You Think is Important to us !

Have You ever had a dream ? Mine was to see the World , So After many Years, Cleaning Windows 1989 to 2006 , As South County Window Cleaning , I went out To Sea As a Merchant Seaman . Now Married , The Idea Of being Entrepreneur again is My Dream ! So Your Window Guys is Born . For Now we are students of Customer Service , in Todays World . What You Think is very Important to US and Your Insight is Greatly Appreciated !

What Do You Expect From Your window Cleaner ?

Is there anything You Wish  A window  cleaning service , would do that's never done ?

How do You find a Window Cleaning Service ?

Please Feel Free to Comment , What you Think is Important
to us !

Thanks For Your Help
Mike Haslam